Staff Development for Teachers

I was very fortunate and blessed at our district’s back to school inservice this morning to hear this man’s thoughts and inspiring ideas about education and life in general. He encouraged me to redefine and renew the meaning of my life, and my place in this world as an educator, mother, and human being.
Amy Bohm
Bloomburg Area Schools, Bloomburg, PA

Though I’ve attempted to articulate the joy that I derive from my work with teachers, it’s a beautiful experience when they return, in kind, their appreciation for the reflective journey we went on together…

“John Perricone is inspiration, motivation, and celebration all wrapped up in a package that is one of the best gifts that you can give your teachers. In this day and age when teachers feel so challenged by circumstances, John has the ability to help them reconnect with their love of children and their love of learning. Using humor, personal stories from his own career and research, Mr. Perricone provides a compelling case for elevating the mission of teaching to its highest level. John presented to our faculty in January of 2017. I brought him back as a surprise in June. The teachers were thrilled, and once again, John had them completely captivated the entire time. Mindset and culture are difficult aspects of an organization to touch in just two hours, but Mr. Perricone has definitely made his indelible mark on TASD.”
Heather McPherson
Superintendent, Tunkhannock Area School District        570-836-3111 x 1000

Mullen Elementary 2
Mullen Elementary 1 

Thank you for inspiring us again in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania in so many ways!!! I was in tears for most of your presentation. If only more people on this planet could experience your kind of sincere compassion!!!
Pam Kintner Lizza
You rejuvenate me and bring me back to why I’m passionate to be a part of this amazing profession. Thank you for being you, for sharing your pure joy, and special thanks for the surprise encore today!!!
Marybeth Howell
Tunkhannaock Area Schools

“I was in the audience when John Perricone delivered his keynote address this morning at Johnson City School’s Superintendent’s Day. I looked at the program and saw that he was going to speak for an hour and forty-five minutes.
Have you ever been able to listen to anyone speak for that long? I’m thinking, “No matter how good he is, I will be losing my ability to concentrate after 20 minutes.”
But while he was speaking, he kept us so busy laughing and crying and re-imagining our identities, that time just flew! I was having revelations and feeling completely transformed and suddenly he announces that he only has ten more minutes to speak!
I’m like, there is no way it has already been 1 hr and 35 mins! I was thinking he was just getting started! The guy is a master at his craft! Unbelievable!
Thanks to John Perricone’s presentation, I’m on fire!
Right now is my first, last and only chance to live this moment to its fullest!”
Jonathan Wright


With over thirty years of classroom experience and numerous local, state, and national excellence in teaching awards to his credit, it is Mr. Perricone’s thesis that “we teach who we are” and that one’s philosophy of life is intimately tied to one’s philosophy of education, and that it is this “philosophical identity” which ultimately distinguishes those who find joy and passion in the teaching profession from those who find drudgery and simply pick up a paycheck every two weeks.
In his address
“Why Am I A Teacher? Developing a Philosophical Identity”
Mr. Perricone will ask teachers  to reflect upon the profundity of their mission as educators.
He will provide insights, guidance, and philosophy (through practical, interactive exercises and discussions) that speak to the very soul of what it means to truly inhabit the identity, acumen, artistry, and passion of being a teacher.

Staff Development Program Flyer – First Address

Staff Development Program Flyer – Secondary Address