Student Assembly Program (Grades 6-12)

“Though we are a society that celebrates physical strength, we rarely, if ever, talk about the cultivation of inner strength — the strength that enables us to make sound decisions in the face of adversity, peer pressure, bullying, media influence, etc.
In his one hour 15 min assembly, Mr. Perricone will guide your students (through interactive exercises, story telling, psychological insights, and age appropriate philosophical discussion) to a realization that will awaken them to the power that resides within themselves to shape their lives and forge their destinies — and to the realization that their every thought and action matters as they navigate their life’s path.”
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Some Reviews From Administrators
and Students

Chenango Forks (1) (1)
“Thank you Mr. Perricone! You’ve made such a huge impact on our school! You spoke to the hearts of our students – who are still buzzing about your presentation – “Developing Inner Strength.” Your warmth, compassion, humor, and poignant storytelling helped to drive home such important life lessons that our students so need to hear as they navigate the many challenges they face at this juncture in their lives.

You moved us to both laughter and tears as you invited us a to reflect upon precious and profound a single life is, by both acknowledging and emphasizing that we are the only living creatures who can, by our wills, enhance the quality of our lives, or conversely, we can destroy ourselves — and that this power is our most precious gift. Thank you for your infinite wisdom, inspiration, and for inviting our students to live their most honest and authentic lives. You gave us so much to build upon as a school community, and I believe that the lessons our students learned today will resonate for a lifetime.”

With heartfelt gratitude,

Dr. Lois R. Favre, Superintendent/Principal  – Bridgehampton UFSD     631-537-0271



Mr. Perricone,

Thank you so much for such an engaging and honest presentation to Chenango Forks Middle School students! As one of your former students who sat enchanted in your classroom all those years ago, I already knew how you could share the important message of self-reliance and personal accountability with humor and sincerity. As an educator in the district, and more importantly, as a mother of two students in the audience that day, I so deeply appreciated your message of gaining strength through adversity and surrounding yourself with people who want the best for you. Your address created an outlet for the hard, but necessary talks in both my classroom and at home — about decision making and being true to yourself. All of these messages were poignant for these kids because you shared your genuine grief and clever wit through engaging storytelling and powerful visuals. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your message and I so look forward to your sharing your inspiration and humor with our high school students soon!

Dr. Andrea Crescente Gumble, Chenango Forks English Department Chair in
Binghamton, New York     607-648-7544


Mr. Perricone,

My heart is so full! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with our students with such engaging eloquence. Silver Stage will forever be grateful to you for your powerful, and unforgettable, and life-changing message!

Amber Taylor, Principal, Silver Stage Elementary in Silver Springs, Nevada     775-577-5050

Dear Mr. Perricone,

As your former student, you were the first person who came to mind to invite to speak at our 2017 Middle School Health Day assembly. You were not only my Health teacher twenty years ago, but someone who continues to teach and inspire me today. I knew you would be the perfect person to address our students about inner strength, decision making, and facing challenges.

You spoke about topics that are sometimes hard to hear and discuss. However, these are issues that our students are currently facing and/or will continue to face in the years ahead. Through your personal stories, humor, honesty, encouragement, and enthusiasm you made it clear that these students can have the inner strength to rise above and emerge from their life’s adversities stronger people. You left them feeling inspired and moved to be a better version of themselves.

We were truly blessed to have heard your message of inner strength. For that I thank you.

Fara Shoudy, Career & Technical Education Teacher at
Chenango Forks Middle School in Binghamton, New York
Family & Consumer Sciences        607-624-4798

Mr. Perricone,

Our Junior High students were on fire this morning about your assembly! Some of the comments were….”inspiring,” “powerful,” and “he brought me to tears.” Thank you for inspiring all of us today – we are blessed to call you our friend!

Christine Cleary, Assistant Principal at Springs Union Free School District
in East Hampton, New York      631-324-0144 ext. 129



Some student reflections:

“Mr. Perricone, before I heard you speak it never occurred to me that the pain and hardship I’ve experienced in my life could be a stepping stone and a path to my personal growth — thank you for this beautiful insight. I’ll be a different person from this day forward….”

Marcia, HS Senior at Silver Springs, Nevada

Silver Springs Students
Mr. Perricone with the students in Silver Springs, Nevada  Click the photo to enlarge


“As I sat in the audience, Mr. Perricone’s words were running through my mind. He spoke with such wisdom and sincerity. I felt inspired to do more with my life. Instead of living it feeling depressed and in hopelessness, I want to live it like there isn’t going to be another day in my life. Mr. Perricone is a brilliant man. He is full of charisma and thought. He has helped me have inner strength. I learned it’s not always great to stick with the crowd but to follow your heart. I could hide away but someday I’ll have to face reality and he has helped me see that. I do not regret coming to school that day. I learned how to not hide behind my façade.”

-Chloe Stanton, 8th Grade Student at Chenango Forks Middle School in Binghamton, NY


“I’ve been wearing a facade to protect myself my entire life. It came off today as I begin a journey to live my life as authentically as I can. Thank you so much for coming to our school…”

Jim, HS Junior at Silver Springs, Nevada


“The assembly was amazing. Mr. Perricone was so inspiring and optimistic. He made me want to make a positive change in my life, as simple as making someone smile because you never know what someone else is going through. Thank you, Mr. Perricone.”

-Mia Urso, 8th Grade Student at Chenango Forks Middle School in Binghamton, NY

“I think Mr. Perricone’s speech was so inspiring because he told us about how he overcame peer pressure in school, and how we could do the same by calling on our inner strength. He also reminded us of how precious life is and how we will all experience “peaks and valleys” in our journey.

-Cade Mulesky, 6th Grade Student at Chenango Forks Middle School in Binghamton, NY

Most Recent References  for Student Assembly Program

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Dr. Andrea Crescente Gumble, Chenango Forks English Department Chair
in Binghamton, New York       607-648-7544

Christine Cleary, Assistant Principal of Springs Union Free School District
in East Hampton, New York    631-324-0144 ext. 129

Dr. Lois R. Favre, Superintendent/Principal at Bridgehampton UFSD
in Bridgehampton, New York    631-537-0271

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Fara Shoudy, Career & Technical Education Teacher at Chenango Forks Middle School
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