Mr. John Perricone’s Bio

Mr. Perricone was a Health Educator and Psychology teacher in the Maine-Endwell School District in upstate N.Y. for thirty-one years. His love and passion for teaching have made him the recipient of local, state, and national “Excellence in Teaching” awards, and he was the recipient of Maine-Endwell’s Distinguished Teacher Award for twelve consecutive years since its inception. This award is voted on and presented by the Senior Class.

He is a best-selling author (Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching) and a nationally and internationally sought keynote speaker having been invited to speak in all fifty states and abroad.

After forty-eight years of training, Mr. Perricone has received his 7th-degree blackbelt —  the highest rank that world-renowned karate Master Hidy Ochiai has ever awarded in his fifty-six years of teaching.

He sings with the Barbershop Harmony Society and has performed throughout the country in a quartet known as the Troubadours.

The only thing that exceeds his zest for his profession and hobbies are the love of his wife Vicki and his daughters Loren and Hannah.

Mission Statement

“We often witness, in times of crisis, the best of our humanity rising to the surface (complete strangers shielding or coming to the rescue of others, etc.) It is my fundamental belief that every human being has an inherent desire to live their life at the best expression of who they are, but this deeper self (or their “true self” if you will) is often buried under layers of what might have been a toxic upbringing, addiction, familial or societal expectations, etc. The goal of my work is to attempt to use my voice to bring this “best self” to the surface — where it can hopefully become the predominant expression of a person’s being, rather than the exception.”

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The man who inspired me to be a teacher:  Mr. Hidy Ochiai

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