“John Perricone is inspiration, motivation, and celebration all wrapped up in a package that is one of the best gifts that you can give your teachers. In this day and age when teachers feel so challenged by circumstances, John has the ability to help them reconnect with their love of children and their love of learning.
Using humor, personal stories from his own career and research, Mr. Perricone provides a compelling case for elevating the mission of teaching to its highest level. John presented to our faculty in January of 2017.
I brought him back as a surprise in June. The teachers were thrilled, and once again, John had them completely captivated the entire time. Mindset and culture are difficult aspects of an organization to touch in just two hours, but Mr. Perricone has definitely made his indelible mark on TASD.”
Heather McPherson Superintendent, Tunkhannock Area School District
heather.mcpherson@tasd.net                       570-836-3111 x 1000

 “I am always leery of bringing someone to present to our staff when I have never heard them speak. However, after talking with some of your references, who all provided glowing recommendations, I took a chance. Wow! Asking you to keynote our district conference was one of the best “chances” I have ever taken. You engaged our entire staff of over 3,500 people including secondary, elementary, and support staff—which is a challenge to say the least. Our twitter feed for the conference was buzzing with insights gained from your talk. (I use the word “talk” rather than presentation, because you created an incredibly personal connection with each person in the audience).
“Fabulous, Phenomenal, Inspirational, Funny”
That’s just a few of the words my colleagues said about your keynote. Thank you so much for the gift of inspiration you gave to each of us.”
Monta Akin, Assistant Superintendent, Leander ISD
Leander, Texas         Monta.Akin@leanderisd.org             512-570-0205

Though I’ve attempted to articulate the joy that I derive from my work with teachers, it’s a beautiful experience when they return, in kind, their appreciation for the reflective journey we went on together…


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“Thanking John Perricone for his inspiring presentation to our entire faculty on our opening day doesn’t begin to express our gratitude. We had read about John’s abilities while searching to begin our new school year in a manner that might best restore the spirit of our staff. We had never met him nor heard him speak but decided to take a chance on him based upon his references. To say that he did not disappoint in any way is an understatement. His presence and presentation spoke directly to the heart of teaching. He helped rejuvenate spirits and restore hope among a staff grappling with a host of seemingly stifling state mandates, contentious union bargaining issues, and an erosion of positive public perception. We were able to all come together once again as a team of professional educators, confident that our joint mission to help all children succeed is noble and worthy of all our efforts. Teachers and administrators present that morning were unanimous in their opinion that John Perricone delivered wisdom and inspiration to help us take our next steps toward a better today and many brighter tomorrows. Many are still working to put his wisdom into practice. Our entire school system is a better educational institution because John Perricone spoke here. Feel free to contact me anytime for more reference information.”

Matthew Bolduc, Director of Academic Affairs
Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District    Spencer, Massachusetts     bolducm@sebrsd.org          508-885-8500



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