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Teachers and Administrators

John Perricone is inspiration, motivation, and celebration all wrapped up in a package that is one of the best gifts that you can give your teachers. In this day and age when teachers feel so challenged by circumstances, John has the ability to help them reconnect with their love of children and their love of learning.

Heather McPherson

Tunkhannock Area School District


With over thirty years of classroom experience and numerous local, state, and national excellence in teaching awards to his credit, it is Mr. Perricone’s thesis that “we teach who we are” and that one’s philosophy of life is intimately tied to one’s philosophy of education, and that it is this “philosophical identity” which ultimately distinguishes those who find joy and passion in the teaching profession from those who find drudgery and simply pick up a paycheck every two weeks.


“Why Am I A Teacher? Developing a Philosophical Identity”

What to expect:

Mr. Perricone will ask teachers to reflect upon the profundity of their mission as educators. (His address is to the entire school community because defines “teacher” as every adult who works in a school system whose life could potentially intersect with a young person)

He will provide insights, guidance, and philosophy (through practical, interactive exercises and discussions) that speak to the very soul of what it means to truly inhabit the identity, acumen, artistry, and passion of being a teacher.

Follow-up Presentation

Mr. Perricone is often asked to return for a follow-up presentation.

“Know Thyself – Know Thy Students”

What to expect:

Teachers who foster positive relationships with their students create classroom environments that are more conducive to learning and meet students’ developmental, emotional, and academic needs.

Mr. Perricone will speak to the profundity of this connection, strategies for developing it, and to the artistry, acumen, and passion that defines great teaching.


What Teachers and Administrators Are saying…

… Staff were engaged, mesmerized, relaxed, inspired, rejuvenated, cultivated, entertained, and most importantly re-energized…
Jessie Westfall, Elementary Principal    Worcester Central School

… He encouraged me to redefine and renew the meaning of my life, and my place in this world as an educator, mother, and human being.
Amy Bohm
Bloomburg Area Schools, Bloomburg, PA

… You rejuvenate me and bring me back to why I’m passionate to be a part of this amazing profession. Thank you for being you, for sharing your pure joy, and special thanks for the surprise encore today!!!
Marybeth Howell
Tunkhannock Area Schools

Thanks to John Perricone’s presentation, I’m on fire!
Jonathan Wright