John Perricone is a best-selling author and nationally sought Keynote Speaker having been invited to speak in all fifty states and abroad. He has been lauded for his work in inviting his audiences to reflect upon their personal philosophies of life and the role that that philosophy plays in shaping their work ethic as it applies to their professional calling. In his lecture/workshop entitled: “Developing a Philosophical Identity” he will compellingly invite his audience to participate in a series of introspective exercises that are designed to help better know themselves and the professional path upon which they have embarked.
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“We are so grateful for John and his message. Our company is undergoing a culture transformation, and it’s hard to talk about our collective identity without first understanding our personal identities. In a truly powerful and impactful way, John’s message helped us explore those values and philosophies we bring to our daily lives, including work. His artful storytelling and sincerity made for a strong connection to our audience we won’t soon forget. I highly recommend John to any organization invested in the well-being of their people.”

Greg Reynolds

Vice President of Project Management Institute


Mr. Perricone,

Having you and your guidance in my life has been a profound gift and being able to extend that to my family of colleagues at PMI was a unique privilege. So many people are reaching out with their thanks and expressions of gratitude because of the meaningful impression you made on all of us. Here are just a few of the sentiments I’ve already received:

“That was by far the most “relevant and meaningful” presentation — time so well spent. So inspiring! Thank you so much!”

“The presentation was phenomenal — really touching and beautiful.”

“Thank you so much for the profound insights!”

“What an absolutely incredible human being Mr. Perricone is — one of the best I’ve heard and seen in fifty-eight years! Thank YOU for bringing him to us!”

“Every moment was awe inspiring and motivational!”

“John is a miracle! Thank you for a wonderful message!”

“Outstanding and incredibly inspirational!”

“All I can say is WOW!”

“Such very enlightening and useful perspectives on philosophy, life, and work!”

“Incredibly powerful stories. Thank you for making this happen for us!”

“Thank you, Gregory, for facilitating this session with Mr. Perricone! It was so beneficial. It was just amazing – thank you so much!”

Gregory Reynolds
Vice President of Project Management Institute   617-780-4624