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To any educational leaders out there who are looking for a speaker who can recharge your district, John Perricone is the inspirational speaker you are looking for. Mr. Perricone spoke to our entire staff, and his message resonated with everyone! His calligraphy for “Sho-Shin” (“Cherishing our beginner’s mind”) is hanging in classrooms, office spaces, and it’s even in our nurse’s office – all voluntarily hung). His message was powerful and the number of emails I’ve received thanking our admin team for bringing him to us was unprecedented. He took everyone back to our roots, and helped us recapture why we all entered into education — to make a difference! 

Mr. Nathan Jones, Hunter-Tannersville Superintendent of Schools, Hunter, New York   518-589-5400 ext. 1000

Mr. Perricone,
You proved to be the right guy, at the right place, at the right time, and with exactly the right message we all needed to hear.
You single-handedly and undoubtedly prevented burnout, fallout, and imminent departure of some very overwhelmed, stressed-out teachers who have endured and survived Covid.  They are now enduring the peripheral outcomes of the pandemic, and it is a difficult job!
Your message inspired hope, purpose, and renewed perspective. You made it unequivocally clear that we have opportunities each day (and with every single encounter) to be the difference, the change-agent, or the reason behind someone else’s trajectory and success. 
With thirty years in education, I have sat through many in-service days, guest speakers, etc., and you are, hands down, without reservation, and with all sincerity at the very top of the list sir!
David Koma
Principal, Rice Avenue Middle School
Girard School District, Girard PA
(814) 774-5666 x2072

We were so honored to have Mr. Perricone address our staff today! His passion for teaching and his ability to connect with his audience went far beyond any PD I have ever attended. His good-natured humor was immediately disarming, and the thought-provoking questions and stories he shared had EVERYONE in attendance deep in thought and reflection. Mr. Perricone made it a point to greet staff individually after his presentation, which is only one of the myriad ways he outwardly embodies his philosophy of teaching and of life.  I could not have asked for a more meaningful and beneficial presentation for my staff.
Jackie Frederick, Elementary Principal, Hunter-Tannersville Central School, 263-4256 ext. 2000

John Perricone is one of the most inspirational voices in American education today! To actually be able to witness first hand his magical and empowering work was truly a blessing!! Thank you for all you do for the teachers and students across our country!!!

Mike Palumbo
Baltimore, Maryland

John Perricone is inspiration, motivation, and celebration all wrapped up in a package that is one of the best gifts that you can give your teachers. In this day and age when teachers feel so challenged by circumstances, John has the ability to help them reconnect with their love of children and their love of learning.

Heather McPherson
Tunkhannock Area School District

You gave one of the best and most inspiring opening day addresses that I have ever heard. Our entire district is abuzz with enthusiasm and we will continue to reference your words throughout the school year. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to have you back!

Richard Loeschner
Brentwood Union Free School District, Brentwood, N.Y.

Our district was searching for a presenter that would guide us in starting the new year off right with a “Fresh Mindset” and boy did we find that in John’s keynote address!  John was so captivating and inspiring as he shared his life’s work in the classroom and challenged our audience to reflect upon the profundity and meaning of their lives as EDUCATORS!  We so appreciated John’s willingness to take us deep into a discussion that invited introspection leading each of us to rediscover our why! Thanks for all you do, John!  I’ll be reaching out soon to purchase copies of your book for my staff!

Dr. Nicole Sanderson, Assistant Superintendent, Wolf Branch School District, Swansea, Illinois,  618-277-2100


We had the good fortune of having Mr. Perricone speak to our staff today. His message had everyone reflecting, reminiscing, and reconnecting to their reason for having entered the teaching profession – a love for young people and the passion to teach them! Following his presentation, I had so many staff members tell me that his message both stirred and reignited that passion within them once again. Thanks, John, for reminding us in the most profound way that our chosen profession is one of distinction and of immeasurable importance.
Kirk Easton, Superintendent, Spearfish School District, Spearfish, South Dakota

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your passion and experiences with our teachers. Your story was so inspiring and so refreshing. Teaching is a hard but very noble profession. We often lose ourselves in others. It’s part of the beautiful dance. Your words were fuel for the soul. Your presentation and presence were so genuine and real. I was hoping for good, but it was beyond what I could have even hoped for — seriously. You hit a grand slam.

I am grateful that you choose to share your story and that you are courageous enough every day to step out in an effort to make a difference. Know that you do. I am a better person for getting to know you and I know that our teachers and staff feel the same way. What a true gift. Meeting you was like meeting a kindred spirit. You have renewed my faith in humanity. Continue to let your light shine, and shine it sure does.

Mrs. Angel Ghastin

Director of Curriculum and Special Programs

Girard School District, Girard PA

(814) 774-4006