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“You are engaged in a profession that not only recognizes and fosters the inherent dignity within every individual but also places you in a unique position where you find yourself humbled to stand at the sacred crossroads of your patients’ and their families’ exposed vulnerabilities.

What a delicate, invaluable, and beautiful gift to receive—and, in turn, what an immeasurable gift you bestow through this tender, compassionate, and mutually respectful exchange of the human spirit.”

John Perricone

“Developing a Philosophical Identity”

What to Expect:

John Perricone is a best-selling author and nationally sought Keynote Speaker having been invited to speak in all 50 states. He has been lauded across the country for his work in inviting hospice caregivers and other healthcare professionals to reflect upon their personal philosophies of life and the role that that philosophy plays in shaping their work ethic and the profundity of their professional calling.

In his ninety-minute lecture/workshop he will invite the audience to participate in a series of introspective exercises designed to help them better know themselves and the professional path upon which they have embarked.

What attendees are saying:

“John Perricone had the audience of NYS nurses in the palm of his hand from the moment he opened our annual conference. His challenge to us to reflect on our daily lives and the important work that nurses do was interspersed with anecdotes and nothing short of brilliant stand-up comedy that had his entire audience laughing hilariously. What a fabulous keynote and great start to our meeting—a relaxed, reflective and completely engaged audience!”

Marilyn L. Dollinger DNS RN
President, ANA-NY

I recently had the pleasure of being in the audience of nurses that had the privilege of listening to John Perricone deliver an inspirational keynote.

The content John conveyed deeply resonated with me, both as a healthcare professional and as an individual. He invited each of us in his audience to reflect upon our personal philosophies of life, to practice “Sho-shin” (“Cherishing our beginner’s mind”), to strive to be a little better today than we were yesterday, and to remember that it’s not what we do in this life, but rather how we do it. His delivery was not only authentic but also engaging, making the entire experience enriching. What set John apart for me was the immediate applicability of his recommendations – they were actionable and impactful.

John Perricone is undeniably an extraordinarily gifted presenter, and I want to express my gratitude to ANA-NY for extending the invitation to him.

Olga Kagan, Ph.D., RN, FHIMSS, FAAAAI

In the most thought-provoking way, he invited each of us to reflect upon our personal philosophies of life and how those philosophies translate into the love and care with which we approach our patients.  It was an inspiring and motivational presentation leaving every nurse in the room taking pride in their life’s calling.  We could not have asked for a greater kickoff to our National Conference!

ASPAN National Conference Coordinator

… You motivated me to look at my current position (and life in general) with fresh eyes and renewed perspective. You inspired me to change my mindset about every day job responsibilities and this has renewed both my satisfaction and my commitment to my chosen profession. Thank you for giving that to me and to all of us who heard your heartfelt message loud and clear. The standing ovation said it all!

Priscilla VanDewark, MS, RN Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, PA

… John Perricone masterfully combines wit, friendliness, authenticity, and expertise in the delivery of his compelling presentation. Through his sage storytelling talent, the listener clearly understands that he knows what it means to be human and the significance of others in teaching us life lessons that shape who we are or who we want to be in this world. I found his presentation a “renewal” of my commitment to nursing even as I approach retirement.

Dolores M. Huffman, PhD, RN – Associate Professor of Nursing
Purdue University Calumet Hammond, Indiana 

We left with new ideas, a new (or renewed) sense of awareness, and a lightness of being. We were all better people for having heard his message.

Dr. Alan Temes, Professor of Health Sciences

When I was planning to stand before my Executive Team, clinical leaders and members of our Board for the annual UHS strategic planning conference, I was searching for words to both thank them and encourage them.   Working in healthcare during the last many months – during a global pandemic – was not something any of us could have imagined.  Nor could we have imagined the immense toll this would take on each of us personally and to all of us collectively.   As I talked to physicians and nurses, or custodians and security staff, and everyone in between over this past year, I realized that all of our people were stressed and exhausted.  So many had offered to work double shifts and to knowingly put themselves in harm’s way again and again.

So when I decided to invite John Perricone to speak to my team, it was because I hoped he would enable us to once again return to our “why”, our calling, and to see things with a renewed spirit.  I had read his many reviews and knew that this was an area of specialty for John.   But what I did not realize was the profound impact his words would have on my team.   As I looked around the room during John’s presentation, I saw smiles, I heard laughter, I saw tears, but most importantly, I saw hope.   I saw a belief that people were ready to look at their “job” with a fresh mind and recommit to why they came into healthcare in the first place.    Countless people have thanked me for John’s presentation, but it is truly me who owes John a debt of gratitude for reminding each of us, and for reminding me, to begin each day with humble thanks for the opportunity to care for others.


President/CEO, United Health Services Inc

Binghamton, New York


We had the utmost pleasure of listening to Mr. Perricone speak on the topic of ‘Developing a Philosophical Identity’ at our health system’s strategic planning and leadership conference. He is an amazing communicator and had every member of his audience captivated. His sharing of personal experiences brought immeasurable value to his address and his words were so refreshing and inspiring to healthcare professionals and administrators, particularly in these testing times of the pandemic.  Our time with him flew by.  I strongly recommend having Mr. Perricone for inspirational speaking for healthcare administrators/professionals.

Purushothaman Muthukanagaraj, MD

Chairman and Director of Psychiatry

United Health Services Hospitals, Binghamton, NY

“John Perricone speaks with passion and intention. He discusses what is not often spoken openly about – what it is to be a human being, and the impact we have and can have on those around us. He engages his audience with powerful stories, lessons, and experiences that they can then adapt to their personal and professional lives.”

Dr. Vicki Pizanis (ADHA)
Chief Executive Officer at Educators Platform
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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